We want you to join us on this awesome adventure through the book of Acts!

We are so excited to be going through the Book of Acts the next 3 months and we want you guys to love it as much as we do.  So, rather than just cluing in randomly on Sunday or at Lifegroup we wanted to share with you some of the amazing resources we have come across and share them with you! We can’t wait to see all the awesome things God does as we open His word and live it out together!

-The Antioch Team

Acts Reading Plan as We Preach Through it!

Date:                        Chapters:

April 9-15:                 1 – 2
April16-22:                3 – 4
April 23-29:               5 – 6
April 30-May 6:         7 – 8
May 14-20:               9
May 21-27:               10 – 12
May 28 – June 3rd:   13 – 15
June 4th -10th:         16 – 18
June 11th – 17th:      19 – 23
June 18th – 23rd:      24 – 28

Ray Mayhew’s In Depth Audio Study of Acts

Ray is an amazing mentor, bible teacher, and friend of Antioch!  He spends hours unpacking the entire bible on his site.  Below are his teachings of Acts.  They are awesome!



Great Short Videos Talking About the Entire Book!  Worth your time we promise!

Acts 1-12

Acts 13-28


Acts in 3 minutes




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