Is a small group Bible study that will change your life!

If you haven’t been to lifegroup yet, you are missing out. Do you want to grow in your relationship with God?  Are you looking for a small group bible study?  Well, life group is that and a whole lot more!  Small groups of students, young adults, and families meet each week in Cape Town to have fun, study the bible, make friends, and experience God. There is no registration or fee – just come as you are. These groups consist of people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Lifegroup is so much fun! In the book of Acts, there is a passage that talks about what the early church was like. They saw each other daily, shared meals together, saw God do the miraculous, and they saw others come to know Jesus. The church is a powerful community that loved one another.  There was also huge impact wherever they went. They read the scriptures and challenged one another to walk with Jesus.  These groups are a people to walk out your faith with.  Lifegroups are the core of what we do and the blueprint of a life-filled church.

We know it can be daunting coming to someone’s house, but you’ll find all of our lifegroup leaders are kind, inviting, and want to help you in anyway possible.  So if you are lonely, looking to be challenged in your walk with God, or just need some friends, visit one this week!

What to Expect

Each of our Lifegroups is leader-facilitated, but everyone is invited to participate. Although every group has its own style and flow, you can expect each week to start with a time of fellowship followed by worship, biblically-based discussion about how we can relate it to our lives.

How can I get involved?

To find out a group that would be suitable for you, click here and we will help you get connected!

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