We have been on this incredible journey of planting a church in Cape Town over the past year, and we feel like we need to take the next step and begin our Sunday services! Our team has been working with students, young professionals and families by sharing the good new of Jesus. We really believe God is calling us to be a local church that has global impact. Our desire is to be a church that starts other churches all over the continent of Africa.

Church planting is one of the most exciting things on the planet, but like any upstart it comes with challenges. Although the church does not revolve around money, there are financial needs any start-up has in order to get off the ground. Through various rounds of prayer and number crunching, our initial launch budget has come out to $31,000. This amount is somewhat flexible, with several variables to be determined, such as a consistent meeting location. Please pray and partner with us as we launch out into this exciting and fun endeavor!


Below are some good questions we have received about our start-up funding. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or post your comment below.

Doesn’t the denomination you work for provide start-up money?

When many denominations start a church, denominational funds are distributed to the church to provide for many of the upfront costs. Currently, Antioch Ministries International provides assistance in coaching, pastoral care and training but does not provide upfront funding for church starts.

What about taking out a loan?

There are several reasons we have not considered taking out a loan. Currently, we do not feel like God has given us the okay to borrow money. Further, our current in-country status prevents us from borrowing money locally.

Why are you beginning to meet on Sundays now?

For the past year, we have been sharing the gospel and meeting in small groups. To establish the church we believe God is calling us to, we need to begin to meet consistently on Sundays. By meeting on Sundays we will be able to train, disciple and send out those that are currently a part of our community. We have had three “Vision Services” the past three months to both make sure there is enough interest in a Sunday gathering and to learn the price involved in having a consistent service. These services proved to be very successful and confirmed the need of having a Sunday service. Having a consistent Sunday will not only legitimize our presence as a local church, but it will allow us to catalyze young people to fulfill their God-given purpose.

What about tithe from current members?

We have communicated to our current members our desire for them to tithe, and they have responded! Our people are very sacrificial and will be able to fund the church’s operating expenses once it is up and running. Because of the large upfront need, our current members are not able to fund our launch. They will hopefully be able to cover our future fundraising phases.

Why $31,000; how is this money going to be spent?

Here’s a breakdown: Start Up Costs

Please consider partnering with us as we launch out into this next phase of our church! You can make a tax-deductible donation online by clicking here, or you can makes checks payable to AMI. Please designate Cape Town Church on an attached sheet of paper and mail them to 505 N. 20th St. Waco TX 76707. Thanks for being a part of what God is doing in South Africa and on the entire continent! Your generosity goes much further than you realize.

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