Jesus is the hope of the world, and the local church acts as His hands and feet. We really believe at Antioch that Jesus has the answers to the world’s problems, and He is always available to anyone who calls on Him.

People ask us what kind of church we are, and the simple answer is: We’re a Jesus church! We start with Jesus, and we end with Jesus! He is the head of this church, and it is our joy to partner with Him. The church isn’t just a place…but a people! We truly believe that if only a few people are willing to say “yes” to Jesus every day, their hearts will be set on fire. Not only will our city be transformed, but the revival going on within our hearts will burst forth into every sector of society.

We believe Cape Town is a key city to impacting the hearts of people throughout Africa. Every country on the continent has citizens in Cape Town, and two of the most prestigious universities are overflowing with young people who want to change the world. Additionally, Cape Town is a cultural hub for the continent, and South Africa is known for its global leaders.

We know that when Cape Town is transformed by the love of God, the poor, the widows, and the orphans will be cared for. The media and movie industry will be transformed and communicate images and messages of true love, true freedom, true adventure, and pure comedy. Marriages will not only be restored, but they will thrive. Trafficking will cease to exist, and justice will be done. People’s jobs will no longer be laborious but will become mission fields so that everyone can hear this incredibly good news!

This is just the beginning. As people are healed and set free, it will be impossible for them to contain this amazing news! And what began here, with a few people, will spread like wild-fire across the continent. These humble beginnings will impact millions of people. We will see everyone from government officials to the poorest, most remote and forgotten villagers reached with this hope. What was once a spark will become a fire that cannot burn out.

My heart often breaks as I hear people say, “I love God, but I don’t do the church thing!” The reality is, the two are inseparable! If there is anything said about us at the end of the day, we want it to be that Antioch loves Jesus with all their heart and knows Him personally. Second, we want to be known as a people who didn’t just talk about church, but actually lived as The Church. We want to be more about passion than politics, more about giving than gossip, and more about faith than fear.

Our hearts are to be a people more about doing than talking, and more about living the Bible than criticizing it! There is something so powerful when the people of God come together united, do life together, and BE THE CHURCH!

As we have been on this journey of starting Antioch, we have very intentionally modeled it after the early church in the book of Acts. We believe this organic community of believers that loves Jesus, lives life together, sees signs and wonders, and shares their possessions is what Biblical community is all about. We have narrowed in on four key characteristics that made the early church who they were and distinguished them from the world around them. First, they were committed to discovering who God really is and who He created them to be. We want to be a church that is always amazed by who God is and secure in our true identity from Him. Second, the early church was devoted to Jesus and to one another. The church wasn’t just a social and convenient club, but a people devoted and willing to lay down their lives for Jesus and one another. Third, they were discipled (or mentored) by one another, and they discipled others. They were committed to growing in their relationship with God and giving away the things they were learning! Last, they were a people who fulfilled their destiny. Jesus has amazing plans for each one of us, and if we follow Him, we will walk into the incredible destiny He designed for us.

If you don’t know Jesus, we invite you into an amazing adventure that will change your life forever. Jesus is better than you know, and He’ll meet you right where you are. If you’re looking for a church that doesn’t require perfect people but worships a perfect God, then Antioch is your new family.

Come, Be The Church with us as we fall more in love with Jesus and share His good news with the continent of Africa.

Jason Kennedy
Antioch Cape Town Lead Pastor

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